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Water Features

Create a Serene Oasis in Your Backyard

Enhance your outdoor space with stunning water features from All Seasons Lawn Care

Elevate your landscape with the soothing sound of running water

Transform your backyard into a tranquil retreat with our range of exquisite water features. Whether you desire a cascading waterfall, a serene pond, or a stylish fountain, we have the perfect solution to suit your taste and style.

Add beauty and elegance to your outdoor living space

Our water features are designed to be visually striking and complement any outdoor setting. With our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can be confident that your water feature will become the focal point of your landscape, creating a stunning visual impact.

Create an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment

Experience the calming effect of flowing water as it creates a peaceful ambiance in your backyard. Our water features not only add beauty but also provide a natural soundtrack for relaxation, helping you unwind after a long day and create lasting memories with family and friends.

Low-maintenance solutions for year-round enjoyment

All Seasons Lawn Care takes pride in offering high-quality water features that are built to last. Our durable materials and efficient designs require minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and serenity of your water feature throughout all seasons.

Create a serene outdoor oasis with our water features- A wide range of water feature options, including fountains, ponds, and waterfalls.

  • Expert installation and maintenance services available.
  • Enhance the beauty of your landscape with the soothing sound of flowing water.
All Seasons Lawn Care Landscape Water Feature
All Seasons Lawn Care Landscape Water Feature
All Seasons Lawn Care Landscape Landscape Lighting

Bridgemore Water Feature

Knoxville outdoor fountains, ponds, koi ponds and other water features by All Seasons Lawn Care.

We have the experience to create the pond of your dream. Check our huge water feature we built for Bridgemore Subdivision on our Bridgemore Project Page. A 162 ft long pond with a 187 stream cascading down a hillside its what water falls dreams are made of!

Adding a water feature to your lawn can create a sense of tranquility while bringing dramatic beauty to the environment. The sound of water brings a soothing quality to the landscape while subtly masking more intrusive, ambient noises. From a simple fountain or koi pond to a bubbling stream or cascading waterfall, Knoxville’s All Seasons Lawn Care gives careful consideration to the overall setting, creating a design and carefully choosing the right materials for the surroundings.

Quality design and engineering are key when creating water features such as fountains, koi ponds, water gardens and pools that function well and last a long time. All Seasons Lawn Care is known for quality design, construction and installation practices. With over 20 years of experience serving customers in the Knoxville, Farragut, Karns and the entire Knoxville area, All Seasons Lawn Care is your best choice for quality water features.

All Seasons Lawn Care Landscape Landscape Lighting
All Seasons Lawn Care Landscape Water Features
All Seasons Lawn Care Landscape Water Features
All Seasons Lawn Care Landscape Water Features
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